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Union Los Losangeles shop Angeles and Vans for the first time this year will launch a joint series, after already announced joint shoes before, today is the secret joint Union LA x Vans dress, this joint series of complete single product has been released.

clothing, the two sides to create a number of extra long sleeved T-shirt, caps, garment accessories co throughout the series is from the last century in California in the 70s classic colors and patterns. Union Logo on his clothing chest, sleeves dotted yellow and blue checkerboard pattern, the United States will be "the Star Spangled Banner" elements in the design for California, also used the flowers, golden beach, Vans and "six" gesture so classic pattern as clothing and a hat.

this Saturday (April 1st) Union Los Angeles x Vans Union LA in this series will jointly store limited edition, clothing series will be available together with the shoes, please look forward to!

Union LA x Vans previously announced joint shoes

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(Global shoes network editor plum)

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