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Adidas Originals will be launched in the spring and summer of Nizza Hi Nizza Hi Lux Fur. Jeremy - Scott (Jeremy Scott) is known for its unique design clothing weird, he transformed Adidas series products are widely acclaimed by fashion, although the distance from the practical school standard is not a small gap, but as it is fashionable toy grade.

upper added Bangdai design, the most important is the new product in the heel and the upper design with black feathers, make sports shoes instantly add fashion sense, fashion is not just for collocation.
despite the "flying man" Michael ·, Jordan v. Jordan sports infringement case was a heated media uproar, but Jordan sports hometown - Fujian, Jinjiang City, but calm, everything as usual.

"do not know, do not care."." In February 26, 2012, Qing Hua shoes commodity market is located in Jinjiang Hualin Road, a sports shoes trading company store in early twenty while Lai Hongyu played in the hands of the apple mobile phone while the reporter shook his head.

Lai Hongyu is a shopping guide, every day, she kept a tea table for different color of procurement staff to talk about business. Buyers mostly come from Iran, Columbia, Nepal, Russia and Southeast Asia, and live next to the continental five star hotel. They shuttle in Hualin street, more than 2000 shops, love to choose "Adidas", "Nike" or "Reebok" shoes.

in contrast to these foreign brands of counterfeit goods, is a complex local brand in Jinjiang, in the well-known Anta, XTEP, Jordan, PEAK, 361, Erke, de Erhui, Kang riding, guirenniao, Qipai, lilanz, Jinlaike, these brands used to engage in advertising bombing in the CCTV sports channel, so that some people say CCTV-5 "Jinjiang channel".
With the
in advertising is to highlight their "national brand" and "Jordan" on the front in infringement storm, near the famous brand began to enter people's vision. In addition to "Jordan", Jinjiang also has "Yao Ming", "Yi Jianlian", "Kobe" and other brands.

Jinjiang can become a "sports empire"? "Jordan" brand and how are these brothers and the rise of the
, "consumers in the three or four tier cities are buying it,"

- a county-level city with a population of only about 1600000. In 2011, GDP (gross domestic product) was as high as 107 billion yuan, with an average per capita GDP of over 66 thousand yuan. The pillar industry that sports shoes and clothing -- only Chendai such enterprises have more than 3000, once with an annual output of more than 500 million pairs of sports shoes, sports shoes production accounted for half of the.

Minnan people "love to fight will win" character, or even gambling, is the originator of Jinjiang's commercial culture. Once someone succeeds, there are countless people pushing. Jinjiang people have never been pleased with the "free ride" brand strategy. Anta "success", Jinjiang and Quanzhou will emerge, Bei TA, Rui Kang riding riding, NAITA, Ta, Ta, Ta, build new steady step, step, step in Yu brand etc..

Jinjiang brands like celebrities. Similar to the Jordan case that attracted litigation, in Jinjiang, there are more than one enterprise registered "Kobe sports", "Yao Ming", "Yi Jianlian" and other brands. What is interesting is that, for Jinjiang brands, why do they only play basketball stars instead of football or badminton stars? The local people explain that Jinjiang people like to play basketball and there are basketball courts in every village.

brand name and trademark in the field of Logo tricks, free ride and >

[shoes - shoes, watch] Timberland Japan Atmos special edition recently presented in front of everyone, the design inspiration from the Bruins possessed design streamlined into this shoe product. The special brown rough surface once again demonstrates the charm of outdoor, similar to the gas field of the brown bear, and grasps the unique aura of the whole forest. The black rubber soles, like nature itself together, and both head and tail breathable nylon tongue, go. The product will soon be listed, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. (global shoe Network - the most authoritative editor in the net)

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